The Unicorn Launchpad

discover your purpose and passion and tap into your unlimited potential

Lindsay Sukornyk has coached thousands of elite leaders and game changers during her 15 year transformational coaching career. In this program, she shares the principles of Unicorn Leadership (link to blog post) that she has used to transform those leaders and help them achieve their peak performance.

What’s included:

  • Discover your purpose, vision and values
  • Next-level leadership coaching
  • Practical tools to elevate your game

Who is it for?

This program is for those of you who are hungry to grow and step into next-level leadership. Perhaps you are a super analytical, strategic or creative thinker, spending much of your life in the cognitive space, and you’re ready to “lose your mind” for a while and embody the growth, bliss and expansion that’s available in the human experience. You must be willing to explore your edge - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually - for the sake of growth and deep transformation.

What is it about?

This program sets the foundation for unlimited expansion. Lindsay takes you through a proprietary process that helps you to articulate your highest purpose, vision and values. She offers you tools and wisdom to guide you to take daily inspired action to creating and receiving your ultimate life. The program is interactive and experiential, filled with practical tools that you can immediately apply to tap into your highest potential.