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Transformational leadership coach, yoga teacher, writer, wanderluster, unicorn trainer, mama of four amazing kids and founder of Alive + Awake.

Hey! I’m Lindsay Sukornyk, founder of Alive + Awake, the love child I created to share the massive body of knowledge, tools, wisdom and insights that I’ve collected and curated over the last 20 years of studying and working with elite leaders and game-changers.

The story of Alive + Awake began when I was a chubby little kid with my face buried in books, fascinated by understanding other peoples’ stories. I was that kid that all the other kids, and even some of my babysitters, would come to when they needed to talk. As the years passed, I stepped out of my introverted cocoon and forged a path of achievement true to my Type-A nature. Forever in the pursuit of excellence, I graduated from an elite business school and was recruited to work at a prestigious global management consulting company. As I sat at my desk, surrounded by top performers being paid huge money to help companies solve complex problems, I realized that I had won “the game.” There was just one problem: I was miserable. Working long hours, spending all my money on purses and takeout, I felt disconnected and empty. I thought, “Is this it? Is this what I’ve worked my whole life for? Now what?” I was living a life that was full of drive but had no purpose.

I took a leap into my greatest fears and left the predictable “A Track” to travel around the world and try to understand what my calling was. I discovered transformational leadership coaching when it was still in its infancy in North America and, after several years of intensive training, I launched one of the first coaching companies in Canada. I spent the next 15 years working with the best of the best in top tier organizations. I was highlighted in many national media outlets and, through my individual and group coaching, keynote addresses, online coaching programs, I connected with thousands of leaders from around the world.

Always hungry for a challenge, I also had four babies in 6 years, while my partner was busy traveling with his multiple startups. Those years in the trenches of parenting four young children, often by myself, provided the most powerful leadership training I’ve ever had. As I spent most of my energy serving others, with little regard to my own pleasure and play, I ultimately burned out, realizing that I needed to not only serve my highest purpose, but also fuel myself with the passions that fill me with joy and bliss. I took refuge in my passion for yoga and eastern philosophy to help me not only survive, but thrive through these threshold experiences. I realized that to reach my ultimate potential as a leader and as a human, I needed to embrace both doing and being, effort and surrender, responsibility and play, the purpose and the passion.

Alive + Awake is the culmination of all the wisdom, tools, and insights that I’ve collected on my journey so far. I am offering the profound work I’ve been doing, often in intimate, closed settings, and bringing it to a larger global audience. As I reached the limit of how many people I can connect with in an individual or group context, I felt called to take this brilliant, powerful wisdom and present it in a way that makes it accessible to a wider audience, as I know that the time is right to get these messages out into the world. Thank you for joining me on the Alive + Awake journey. Together we can elevate humanity by guiding game-changers to lead with purpose and passion. I look forward to sharing many rich experiences and can’t wait to see what’s possible when we all tap into our highest potential. Shine on my love warriors!

Yours in purpose and passion,


Lindsay Sukornyk

B. Comm, CPCC, 200 hr RYT, Founder of Alive + Awake, Huffington Post Blogger

Lindsay is a transformational leadership coach, yoga teacher, writer, wanderluster, and mama of four amazing kids. A regular Huffington Post blogger and often featured as a speaker and expert in the media, she is obsessed with guiding global game-changers to becoming fully Alive + Awake.

Lindsay is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) with CTI and a certified vinyasa yoga teacher. Lindsay has a B. Comm from Queen’s University, where she majored in strategy and organizational behaviour. She began her career at A.T. Kearney, a top-tier global management consulting firm. Lindsay has been a speaker and teacher at Afest, the Bliss Project, and many leading organizations, including, Rogers, RBC Financial Group, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt, LLP, Accenture, A.T. Kearney, Zoom Media, Queen's School of Business, GWP Brand Engineering, Junior Achievement, OLG, and War Child Canada, among many others. She has been cited as an expert in media including The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Canadian Business Magazine, Maclean’s Magazine, Chatelaine Magazine, CBC's "Venture," the Toronto Sun, Metro Daily, Toronto Business Times, Balance TV, and Canadian Living, W Network’s “The Right Fit” and “Yummy Mummy” and HGTV’s “Home to Go.” She was also a columnist in Canadian Health and Lifestyle Magazine for six years.