COSTA RICA | November 7 - November 14 2020


Pura vida = Pure Life

To live a peaceful, simple, uncluttered life with a deep appreciation for nature, family and friends; a ‘real living’ that reflects happiness, well-being, and satisfaction; ‘life is good’ Are you ready to step into your highest potential, to clear away the noise and clutter that is getting in the way of you living your most authentic life? Perhaps you've reached a level of success, checked off all the boxes society told you to check, and are wondering, "Is this it? Now what?" Join us for this powerful, fun, transformational week, where you will gather with a tribe of like-hearted game-changers to recharge, reset and relaunch yourself into the highest expression of you.

3 reasons you need to be here!

What is it about?

Join us and leap into the highest level of abundance in all aspects of your life. Tap into the “Zone of Genius" in your health, career, relationships, mindset and finances. Together we’ll discover your highest purpose. Come on your own or with a loved one to experience all the fun and adventure this journey will bring!

What will we do?

We begin each day with yoga, fitness and meditation sessions led by our team of experts. We’ll practice mindful movement, eating and mindset classes and learn tips and tools from author Lindsay Sukornyk, transformational leadership coach to hundreds of elite performers. You’ll make deep connections with other game changing leaders, be guided through healing experiences with world renowned healers and be part of many more transformational experiences with some of our favourite people on the planet!


Brad Cowan


"I've just spent the most amazing week here in Costa Rica with the most beautiful people looking to make cool changes in their lives. I've loved every minute of it and come away with so many amazing realizations. I've learned more about myself in the last week than I've learned in the last 2 years."


KPMG, Director - Global Chairman's Office

"My experience has been profound. I came here with a lot of questions for myself; How do I personally behave? Where do I want to take my career. There is no question both of those have been answered in spades! I am going to go home a different person."


Self Employed - Construction

"My experience here has been way beyond anything that I imagined it was going to be. Letting myself go brought out something in me I never expected. My time here has given me a new focus and a new direction to channel my life."