Unicorn Leadership

Unicorn leaders are integrated, next-level leaders, the influencers and game-changers in the world.

They are the catalysts that disrupt the status quo, creating deep, lasting positive change in the world. Like unicorn startups, those companies valued at over $1 Billion, unicorn leaders are the best of the best, on all fronts and the ripple effect of their leadership impacts billions of people.  They have mastered traditional leadership models of linear, goal-driven success and find themselves at the pinnacle of their chosen fields.  They have risen above the rest by moving beyond mainstream leadership, understanding that what creates true genius is to tap into the intuitive, synchronistic, seemingly chaotic magic that exists in every moment.  They are both analytical and intuitive, purpose-driven and passion-fuelled.  They value connection, experience, love and expression as much as they value achievement, impact and measurable results.  They are disruptive and have the courage to use their talent, time and energy to create massive change in the world.  They answer the call to spread their magic wherever they can and know that the most powerful form of leadership is to lead by example.  The question that drives all unicorn leaders is, “How can I change the world and have an amazing time doing it?”

So many people get caught up on how to get to the next rung on the ladder.  They think leadership is about making more money, getting the next job title, then buying the material things that go along with that job title, whether it’s cars, houses, clothing or vacations.  A lot of the leadership material feeds into this, giving people tools to do more, climb higher, run faster.  The end result for many on this path is that they reach their destination, achieve their goals, only to discover that they’re still not satisfied.  Either they fail to appreciate the achievement and simply get back on the treadmill to race to the next peak, or they lift their heads up from the race to discover that much of the rest of their lives have crumbled around them.  They may be exceptional at one thing, but totally failing in many other areas, whether it be their health, relationships, sense of fun and adventure, personal growth, or a number of other pieces.

Unicorn Leadership is not a linear path, designed to get you from point A to point B.  In fact, there is no destination, it is the journey of a lifetime.

It is based on a more cyclical or rhythmic model, identifying that so much of life happens in metaphorical seasons.  Those who choose to take a passive role and allow life to happen to them, will often find that they repeat the same patterns, across many areas of their lives.  For example, they may change careers, thinking that the next job will make them happy, but end up repeating the exact same behaviours and re-creating very similar conditions.  Likewise, I’ve seen many people leave their marriage or relationship, only to marry someone new but behave in the same old ways, ultimately destroying the new relationship.  The path of the Unicorn is to allow every moment, every life experience, to teach us, to expand our self-awareness and our understanding of how the world operates, and, specifically, how we are operating in the world.  So while you may revisit similar themes throughout your life, it is a spiral trajectory of expansion, where you never visit the same place twice, as each time you encounter a situation, you’ve got the wisdom gained from past experiences to guide you.

The Path of the Unicorn is never complete. It is the journey of a lifetime and the more work you do, the deeper the work becomes. The ultimate reward of this journey is to come home to yourself - to your truth, your purpose and your bliss. Only you can chose to step on the path of the unicorn. Are you ready to step into your magic?