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Interview and meditation with Jeff Warren

World renowned meditation expert Jeff Warren explains how he got into meditation, the benefits of a daily meditation practice, lucid dreaming and gives a free 10 minute meditation!   Full Interview with Jeff Warren 10 Minute Meditation with Jeff Warren

TOOLS by Lindsay Sukornyk

Future Self Visualization

  Checkout my 3 year vision board! How to create a Pinterest Vision board: Create a Pinterest account Create a new board - you can make it public or private. Install a plugin within your browser to make it easier to grab images you like from around the web. Or y...

TOOLS by Lindsay Sukornyk

Good day to die?

How would you feel if you knew that today was the last day of your life?  You’re going to die.  It’s a fact.  We all are.  The question is, have you truly lived.  In this powerful 2 minute transformation, we guide you through the process of wri...