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TEDx Talk: Now What? How to go from the Walking Dead to Alive and Awake

TEDx Talk - Now What? How to go from the Walking Dead to Alive and Awake   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8JjAYKr_To

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Drinking from the Firehose: March 10

How to Harness Stress, Overwhelm and Anxiety & Avoid Burnout so you can Reach Your Highest Potential - March 10 Join Lindsay and expert guest speaker, Amber Mckenzie, as they share tips and tools to overcome stress, anxiety and overwhelm.    

Programs by Lindsay Sukornyk

Into the Fire

1 - Follow the Butterflies     2 - To Do, or Not To Do   3 - Burn, Baby, Burn     4 - Aim for Your Vision

ARTICLES by Lindsay Sukornyk

Be Careful What You Wish For

Be careful what you wish for.  You have probably heard that expression many times and taken it as a warning of impending threats.  What if you considered this saying to be an invitation to create a world of possibilities?  Really – be careful what you wish for. ...

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Interview and meditation with Jeff Warren

World renowned meditation expert Jeff Warren explains how he got into meditation, the benefits of a daily meditation practice, lucid dreaming and gives a free 10 minute meditation!   Full Interview with Jeff Warren 10 Minute Meditation with Jeff Warren

ARTICLES by Lindsay Sukornyk

Inviting Novelty

Living in Chamonix, France inspired me to embrace the novelty of immersing myself in a new local scene.  I soaked in the local food (so much cheese!), language, yoga classes, coffee shops and people, all of it expanding my experience of what's available in life.  ...