monthly leadership coaching

The Path is a monthly coaching program for those people who are ready to step into their highest potential, on the path of the unicorn. You may have reached a certain level of success, checking off all the boxes that you thought needed to be achieved and are wondering, “now what?” The path is a powerful coaching platform, led by Lindsay Sukornyk, internationally renown transformational leadership coach. Lindsay will guide you through live coaching exercises and conversations, using an interactive forum where you can ask questions and be heard.

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Embodied Leadership: Yoga & Coaching

Get out of your head and reach your ultimate leadership potential with this unique coaching + yoga course. Lindsay Sukornyk, leadership expert to 1000s of elite game-changers, takes transformation to the next level by integrating body, mind and spirit, as she guides you through 28 days of activating vinyasa yoga flows and transformational leadership coaching.

The Unicorn Launchpad

discover your purpose and passion and tap into your unlimited potential

Have you checked off all the boxes you thought you were supposed to achieve and are wondering, “ Now what?” Do you have a lot of drive, but are uncertain about your purpose? Have talent but crave more passion in your life? In this 30 part online course, leadership expert Lindsay Sukornyk guides you in laying the foundation for the Path of the Unicorn, where you create an integrated life filled with purpose and passion.

Elite Coaching

lead. shine. thrive.

Lindsay Sukornyk has coached thousands of elite leaders to their highest potential. Authentic leadership comes from self-awareness and bringing all of who you are to all that you do. Like a kaleidoscope, we all have many coloured lenses through which we interact with the world. Context and timing influence which lenses are in focus at any given time. Introducing a more mindful approach to your life and leadership will help you to make more conscious choices and thrive in every way. Apply for the elite coaching program to work one on one with Lindsay and watch your life soar!