Navigating Valleys of Darkness


Back in Toronto for a few weeks over the holidays, I was swamped by a time of deep darkness.  As I was packing up our house after 15 years of living in Toronto, I found myself crying all the time, grieving, questioning everything and not even sure what I was so upset about.  Fittingly it was the darkest time of year, with the winter solstice, and the contrast between the sunny Costa Rican weather and Canadian winter certainly had an impact.  However, this was more than just a seasonal reaction to weather changes and sunlight.  I was being confronted by some of my shadows and I had no choice but to let it flow through me.  Instead of defaulting to my typical habit of shifting perspectives to find the silver lining I decided to surrender to the process and see what was available.  In allowing myself to be exactly where I was (regardless of how uncomfortable it was!) I released some old patterns and gained some clear insights to guide me in my next chapter.

As we move through life it is inevitable that we will encounter "valleys of darkness," times when we are faced with our shadows, our grief, anxiety, or whatever parts of ourselves we may not wish to face.  In this video I outline four key ways to navigate these dark times so you can fully let go of what needs to be released and receive the wisdom available.  Remember, wherever you are is exactly where you sould be and it's all divine!